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Thursday, April 10, 2008

No cause for worry


KEDAH Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak, 64, has astounded critics with his zest for the job. He begins his day early as usual, meeting kampung folk in his modest office-cum-residence (he has been paying RM1,000 monthly rental to PAS for over 10 years despite the going rate being only RM300) located along the trunk road in his rural Sungai Limau constituency.

Here, he is still very much the Ustaz Azizan residents have known since he became their assemblyman in 1995.

Born and bred in the area, Azizan used to brave stormy waters as a fisherman during his younger years there.

Now Mentri Besar and Yang Amat Berhormat, there is no change in his demeanour as he sits on the worn sofa wearing a sarung, baju Melayu and kopiah (skullcap).

Nyonya, ada apa. Boleh saya tolong?” he asks a middle-aged Chinese businesswoman who approaches him with a RM40,000 unpaid bill for furniture supplied to the Kedah Football Association.

A youth comes seeking his help to settle a traffic fine. And then a makcik pleads for her daughter to be accepted into university.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


David Beckham appeared on “The Tonight Show” last night to talk all things Beckham & Briefs. Becks and “The Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, live in the same neighborhood, joked about life with a constant paparazzi presence. The Galaxy captain apologized for the paparazzi hanging around the neighborhood, but also mentioned that the American celebrity photographers “have been kind to us” compared to those in the United Kingdom.

Later Leno asked Beckham about Emporio Armani ads that feature the soccer star appearing in briefs. “Do you normally sit around the house like this?” asked Leno - the audience screamed and applauded the black and white photo showing Beckham’s ripped stomach.

However, Beckham said: “I was so nervous about doing that campaign because obviously I’ve done photoshoots before but I’ve never done photoshoots in my underwear. But to do that, I Was quite nervous because obviously I knew my wife and friends were going to see it. And my mom was going to see it. When the photos first came out, she was the first one to call me and say, ‘What are you doing?’ I tried explaining it to her but she didn’t really get it.”

We hear David Beckham will be making a personal appearance at Macy*s NYC this Friday (April 4) – stay tuned for more details.


Giorgio Armani showed his Prive show at couture week last week at Palais du Chaillot, in Paris, and his infamous league of A-list celebrity “friends of the house” showed up to watch the legend at work.

Actresses Hilary Swank and Ellen Pompeo, of Grey’s Anatomy, and burlesque star Dita Von Teese watched in amazement as the parade of well-defined dresses with layers of ruffled organza hem lines, oversized bows and huge high collars made their way down the catwalk.

Hollywood is red carpet ready with the Armani Prive 2008 Spring/Summer Haute Couture Collection


Check out the new “Behind-the-Scenes” video from the Armani Exchange Spring 2008 Advertising Campaign.

Escape to a style haven in the Armani Exchange Spring 2008 advertising campaign, where the subtle desire, intoxicating aura of freedom, and seductive intrigue take refuge.

Shot in Ibiza the campaign, “Style Tribe”, exudes an intense mood of cool sensuality in a mysterious haven that captures the provocative energy of twilight. The location plays part to the overall theme of escapism for the new breed of style nomads, while highlighting this seasons soft, clean, and sophisticated pieces that have made A|X the label of choice.

The A|X “Style Tribe” take a magical adventure of a long nights journey into twilight, where the exotic appeal of relaxed style, comfort, and understated luxury are without limitations. Effortless, chic, and easy dressing evokes a seductive prowess and creates a look of style and relaxed sophistication. Models interact between intrigue and unintentional sexiness as the dawn of a new day creates the mood lighting glow that accentuates the ethereal style that oozes sophistication and transforms the erotic scene of seductive conspiracy.

Shot by Fashion photographer Tom Munro (Management Artist), styled by Victoria Bartlett (Management Artist), hair by Neil Moodie (Tim Howard), make-up by Karim Rahman (Tim Howard). The cast features Izabel Goulart (Women Management), and Miro Moreira (Ford Brazil).